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Worth collecting CD packaging created by Neuter Lover, included beautiful photos of wide field that reflect image of their music and inserted a 12 pages booklet of their art sketch images with lyrics.

Awarded AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) 3rd place (Bronze) in "Moody melancholic masterpiece" with the song 'หา (Find)".

Mixed down and mastered by Woody Pornpitaksuk, who was recognized at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his work on the Historical Album: Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings.

'I am Neuter Lover EP' CD

  • Format: Audio CD
    Released: April 27, 2010
    01. Cry
    02. End
    03. Fade Away
    04. หา (Find)
    05. หวัง (Hope)


© Neuter Lover
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