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What if…

There is a reason to think of myself when starting to make music seriously in the late 90s without knowing the Shoegaze and Post-rock genre.

My music roots come from Britpop + Triphop + Industrial Rock + Hardcore, etc. (All mixed up, hahaha).

Then, when I finished the first four demo songs in the early 2000s, I intended to release them on the international website (Audiostreet). I will go to the global level.

After finishing my artist profile and uploading my music. Oh, what is the genre of my music? How to choose a Genre?

Ah, I chose ‘’Shoegaze’’which I didn’t know what it was. But the other one was not fit all. So this one!’

A few days later, the “Cry” song was ranked No. 1 in the Shoegaze genre.

As for other songs, they are ranked 2-5 in the triphop /downtempo category.

Many international artists from various genres asked me to collaborate.

Someone said that my song is also psychedelic.

I was wondering again, what is it? Hahaha.

Unexpectedly, my life at that time was an exciting time every day.

If I was not dragged down the abyss at that time, how far would we go...

// And here is my artist profile picture before the MySpace era.


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