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“Don’t put me in the same box with those Thai culture conserving types please!”

The unconventional sound of Thai dulcimer (Kim) enfolded in an ambient / post-rock atmosphere. THE STANDARD POP’s the most promising female artists of 2019, awarded with AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) 3rd place (Bronze) in "Moody melancholic masterpiece".

Neuter Lover started dipping toes in music scene as a bedroom studio artist, delivering a blend of ambient and shoegaze music with sound of computer programming and noise guitar.

With unique vocal and musical sounds, Neuter Lover’s demo was nominated as one of the 15 finalists of FAT Awards 3 - “Bedroom Artist of The Year" (by FAT Radio, FM 104.5) in 2005. The demo song "Find" was also published on DDT Magazine's compilation CD vol.4. Additionally, Neuter Lover was honored to be selected to perform live in Fete de la Music 2005, as the highest scorer of their self-produced 10 demoed songs.

And as soon as their demos were released on the internet, Neuter Lover reached No.1 in Alternative / Shoegaze music chart of, a worldwide independent music community, which later opened the door for them to new opportunities. Unfortunately, Neuter Lover lost 2 years in the wrong path of music industry and their personal life was consequently torn apart.

After going through all the trials and tribulations, the first mini album “I am Neuter Lover” was released on April 27, 2010. It was a long journey of studio production from the year 2007. Neuter Lover produced the mini album with many talented artists who understood their particular music style such as Death of a Salesman and Private Trip. They created fantastic sound installation and additional arrangement. All the tracks were mixed down and mastered by Woody Pornpitaksuk, who was recognized at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his work on the Historical Album: Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings.
From mini album “I am Neuter Lover", Neuter Lover was awarded AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) 3rd place (Bronze) in "Moody melancholic masterpiece” for the song “หา (Find)”. They were also nominated for “Best Female Artist” from Kom Chad Luek Awards 8. However, before the final round, Neuter Lover’s name was considered to compete among male rock groups because the curator team judged only from listening to the songs alone. Since then Neuter Lover realized that their music has no gender (hence the pronoun they/them).


Once Neuter Lover discovered their own unique sound with the use of Thai dulcimer (Khim) while joining a jam session with Koichi Shimizu and other artists from SO:ON label, their creativity in music composing and performance moved up to the next level.

Neuter Lover had played live in many extraordinary places and gathered so many stories and experiences along the way. They created their experimental atmosphere using their tools and gained great feedbacks from international audiences, which encouraged them to go oversea.


Neuter Lover had newfound inspirations to make the new album and started making new demos since 2011, it took around 7 years composing songs alone which was also the period of time they battle with nerve tension sickness and depression. The last demo song finished on September, 2017 and it became the main concept of the new album. This song and this album are called “This World Is Wrong”.


“This World Is Wrong” is an album that expresses the twists and distortions of human mind in a beautiful way, through the unconventional sound of Thai dulcimer (Khim)’s strings, enfolded in an ambient atmosphere of electronic and post-rock music.


This project is produced by Neuter Lover themself, with special help and support from Woody Pornpitaksuk. He is the number-one Mix & Mastering Engineer that Neuter Lover had the pleasure to get to work with again.


With professional career in UX design, Neuter Lover designed and built their own crowdfunding platform on their official site to fulfill this new album production budget and share all of the behind-the-scene experiences for supporters to see every step of the way. Therefore, the journey to complete this album is a precious experience and an exceptional memory between artist and fans.

Finally, “This World Is Wrong” album is released on February 2019.

This album has received positive reviews from music critics, such as ‘Track Recommended’ and ‘Album Recommended’ by Sodsuksa, ‘Top Interesting Thai Songs of 2019 (So Far)’ by Everything Eargasm Podcast, THE STANDARD POP’s the most promising female artists of 2019, and ‘Best Releases of Februrary 2020’ by Trip Hop Nation, a global community of trip-hop, downtempo music. 


Born 'Apichaya Jindapol Chaipayom' or ‘Tum’ in Thailand and grew up with various kinds of music. Music always save their life whenever they are depressed. Thus Tum learned to express their mind through songs in early teens.​


It is always Tum’s dream to perform live on stage. In 1998, while studying Visual Communication Design at Silpakorn University, they started by joining friends' band as a vocalist. Later they and their 3 close girl friends formed an alternative rock band named 'Erotic Youth' (E.Y.) in 1999, playing covers of many musical artists such as Garbage, Cake, Lit, Pulp, even Hide (X-Japan). Their performance in university's festivals was spotlighted, but their path as a band had come to an end in 2001 when they all graduated and had different dreams for future.


After working as a full-time graphic & multimedia designer for 3 years and got a serious nerve tension sickness from neck through arms, Tum resigned from the company to relieve the tension and started their new life as a freelance new media designer. From this point, Tum has strived for their dream again and released music on their own. For music was, and still is, ingrained in their soul.

Credit: LIVE performance photos 1-2 by Nualta Wongcharoen, 

3 by Ong Waiyanggul / Eak Waiyanggul.

© Neuter Lover
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