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First DIY demo cd of Neuter Lover as a bedroom studio artist.Nominated for 15 finalists of FAT Awards 3 - 'Bedroom Artist of The Year' (by FAT Radio, FM 104.5). And the demo song 'Find' was published on DDT Magazine's compilation CD vol.4. Additionally, Neuter Lover was honoured to be selected to perform live in Fete de la Music 2005, as the highest scorer of their self-produced 10 demoed songs.

Mess EP (Demo CD)

  • Format: Demo CD
    Released: 2004


    01. Cry (demo version)
    02. Fade Away (demo version)
    03. End (demo version)
    04. หา (Find) (demo version)
    05. Find (หา) (demo version)

    Everything by Neuter Lover aka Apichaya Chaipayom

© Neuter Lover
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