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Guitar Rehearsing Before Recording

I carried my dear electric guitar to Birdy for recording sessions. Actually Birdy is a Fender type, but I'm a Gibson type because its sound fits with my music.

Today is hardly to call 'rehearsal'. The main point is to let Birdy find out how to set up guitar effects on computer software and how to play.

The electric guitar recording session won't be in studio because Grand's Studio team knew that Birdy is a profession technician and engineer, he can handle it all the way. So the owner lent me a DI Box to let us record at home (Don't tell anyone! ha ha ha). Thanks a lot!

On my demo, I recorded all guitars using multi-effect. But on studio production, P' Woody suggested to direct connect guitar and use plug-in effects on computer. It will be easy to control and because of my music style, we need to make it sharp and clear.

Birdy learned every little detail, he must represent me on the records... the weight of my hand, the way I played each chord, the way I hit those strings are effects guitar sound. I had to play it for example.. it's my bad that I also forgot how I played some chord. So it's a hard work for Birdy to learn from the one using only instinct like me. I gave a clue to Birdy, 'Play it like a nerve tension women strumming the guitar'.


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