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Drums Rehearsing Before Recording (Day 1)

1st rehearsal with Ginn-San. ​15 May 2016 at PG Music. I'm gonna cry when the sound in my head comes true.

We tuned the idea what sound I need and how to play. We started with 'This World Is Wrong' and 'Himitsu'

Finished the rehearsal, we still have time before Ginn-san go. So we sat together at a cafe, opened my labtop to see the arrangement of all songs. I briefed him which part should be real drums.

...Because... I have poor skill of music theory, I can't read notes and I always confused with how many bars, and so on. So I go with this way, we could see the same vision.

Ginn-san made his on drum score, noted all detail. That was impressive!


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