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History of 'Star Night Galaxy'

One day in 199x, YUNE, my dearest friend and the drummer of our band, wrote the lyrics in my sketchbook. We all knew that our band will be apart and we'll go on for each other's dreams.

In 2005 I made a draft demo of this song and performed at fete de la music festival. I planed to include it on my first EP, but when I heard it on the radio, I felt ashamed.

In 2015 I have to select songs for the next album, I decided if I can't make this song right for me, I will not include it because me right now is not in the mood to sing a girlish song like that. So I tried hard to rearrange everything until I found it's right to be with other songs in the next album. Finally it becomes the song that delivers the sense of imagination, sweetness, and craziness.

So what's the end of this story? Perhaps the human and the princess won't meet forever...Who knows.

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