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'I am Neuter Lover' Studio Production (2007-2009)

Last time I ran away from home, stayed and slept in studio, kept secret from my family to avoid fighting and losing enegry before start. I risked my life. That time I just got better from my nerve tension sickness which so hard to move my arms. And all money in my pocket was budget for this album production.

However I do! All videos and photos were recorded via non-smartphone at 640x480 px.

Started in 2007, ended in 2009. That was a long story! I had fun with all situation, even though finally I run many kilometres to get the mastered CDs.

This time I'll record everything via my Lumix G camera! The day is coming. Current situation is also risk, same as the last time.

But I wont' let anything stop me except my death.

My music is what I will remain in this world.

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