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'This WorlD Is Wrong' Studio Production

From 3+ years making of demo songs, now I'm on the way of studio production! 

Let’s be a part of this album by pre-ordering “This World Is Wrong” CD, downloads, special merchandise and get exclusive access to all of the behind-the-scene experiences.



1 NOV 2017


Graph will be updated daily. Not real time.


“This World Is Wrong”

is an album that expresses the twists and distortions of human mind in a beautiful way, 

through the unconventional sound of Thai cymbalo (Kim)’s strings, enfolded in an ambient atmosphere of electronic and post-rock music.

This project is produced by myself, with special help and support from P’Woody Pornpitaksuk. 

He is the number-one Mix & Mastering Engineer that I get to work with again after “I am Neuter Lover” EP.

There is a room of my budget for the whole recording sessions. Please fullfil my missing piece of the post production.

Let’s be a part of this album by pre-ordering “This World Is Wrong” which available in both physical CD and digital download, the merchandise specially crafted by me and Pie House are included, only just for you fans!

Other than merchandise, there’re also very special opportunities you can’t find from anywhere else.

Everyone who support the album in this campaign will receive an exclusive key to unlock the ‘Journey’, which is an online diary of my journey that I documented in forms of words, videos and photos. I shared all of the behind-the-scene experiences for you to see every step of the way. Keep following closely.


So you can see what we have to get through to finish up one full album.
It’ll make a beautiful memory every time you listen to this album… listen to my songs. And it’ll be a precious experience and an exceptional memory for me, every time I think of each and everyone of you.  

Let’s go on this journey together!

Drums Recording



Everyone who pre-order the album in this campaign will get an 'Exclusive key' to access my online exclusive journey that I shared all of the behind-the-scene experiences for you in forms of words, videos and photos. 

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